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Moscow will compete for the leadership role on the Silk Road

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping will go hand in hand along the Silk Road. Reuters Photos

Yesterday, the heads of 30 states signed a document in Beijing supporting the Chinese global project, “One Belt, One Way”. Full support for the Chinese initiative was expressed by Russian President Vladimir Putin. It is noteworthy that the international forum in Beijing looked like some kind of alternative to traditional events in support of globalization.

“The Chinese initiative is very timely and useful. Moreover, this is no longer the Chinese initiative, but the initiative of the participants in today’s meeting – it is to make such an event permanent, ”Vladimir Putin said yesterday. He invited all participants to continue the discussion at the St. Petersburg and Vladivostok economic forums.

During the speech of the President of the Russian Federation at a round table in Beijing, the waiters for some reason began to deliver tea, but this did not prevent Vladimir Putin from conveying the position of Russia to the participants. According to the President of the Russian Federation, the current forum has given a signal that gives hope for some stability in a situation where leading political and economic centers are experiencing growing uncertainty: an intense internal political struggle continues in the United States, which creates some nervousness not only in politics, but and in the economy, in the European community, everyone is watching with anxiety how Brexit will go, and there are still many problems within the European Union.

“In many countries, the crisis is experiencing the concept of a“ social state ”that emerged in the 20th century. Today, it is not only incapable of ensuring a steady growth in welfare, but at times keeping it at the same level, ”Putin said.

Obviously, in Beijing, Putin felt much freer than it would be, for example, in July at the G20 summit in Hamburg. Despite the inopportune tea party, he managed to talk about civilizational problems, risks and hopes. He even indirectly recognized that “One Way – One Belt” is a prototype of a new model of globalization. “Imbalances in socio-economic development, the crisis of the previous model of globalization lead to negative consequences for relations between states, for international security. And in general, in the logic of old approaches, it is impossible to solve any of the modern problems. We need fresh ideas free from stereotypes. ”

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