Ginger with Tea

Anti-cold: andema

Ginger tea will help you increase your appetite, give you a good mood, give a fresh complexion and clear eyes, it is useful for everyone. Ginger tea improves digestion, eliminates toxins accumulated in our stomach and helps to better digest food. It is necessary to drink it in small sips in between meals.

Here are some recipes for making ginger tea.

Ginger tea with lemon

Peel a piece of ginger root and grate it to make about two or a little more tablespoons of grated ginger root. Put in a liter container. Pour boiling water, when it cools down to 50-60 ° C add 50 ml (a quarter cup) of fresh lemon juice and honey to taste. Wait about an hour and then you can start trying.

In tea, you will experience three different tastes – sweet, spicy and sour. Such tea will cheer up and accelerate all processes in the body, especially if before that they were very slow. It is because of this property that such a recipe is very often used for weight loss.

But don’t get carried away! At first, even from half a glass of such an hour, you may have a fever. It is believed that during the day they recommend drinking no more than two liters of tea.

Fragrant Elixir with Green Tea

Brew green tea by adding a pinch of dry ginger to the teapot. In just half an hour you will have an unusually fragrant elixir instead of the usual tea. Such a drink has an antioxidant effect, and will also help calm a cough. One cup a day and your skin will look healthier.

Green Ginger Tea

Brew 1 teaspoon of plain green tea (leave for 5 minutes). Strain. Take a piece of ginger root (3-4 cm), cut into small pieces, add a pinch of cinnamon, a couple of cardamom pods and a clove stick. Pour tea into a stainless steel pan and bring to a boil, continuing to boil for 20 minutes. Then add honey (3 teaspoons) and half a lemon (squeeze the juice from it and toss directly with the skin). Then cook another 5 minutes. Now you need to let the tea brew, enough for about 20 minutes. Then strain into a convenient kettle and pour into cups.

Such tea can be drunk both hot and cold.

Ginger tea for colds and depression

Brew plain leafy green tea without additives. Let it brew for 5 minutes. Cut a small piece (3-4 cm) of ginger and pour the finished tea into a thermos. Add some honey and red hot chili peppers.

Colds and other colds are treated perfectly with ginger tea with honey and lemon, and with a wet cough, we recommend adding cloves or cinnamon to the tea.

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