Green Tea for Weight Loss

Why drink green tea while losing weight | Buy Purple Tea Chang

Even if the slimming tea is reliable and of high quality, you can’t drink it for more than 5-10 days.

Since they forcefully stimulate the intestines and kidneys to cleanse, an addictive effect may occur, and our organs will cease to cope with the load on their own.

Side effects of tea may include:

– violation of the water-salt balance and dehydration; – impaired renal function, fatigue due to potassium deficiency; – lack of nutrients.

In addition, special slimming teas may contain health supplements. So, Chinese tea for weight loss has earned mostly negative reviews, although there are many satisfied with the effect among buyers. Let us consider in more detail the properties of special teas for weight loss based on the Flying Swallow products.

Chinese tea "Swallow"

This Chinese tea has an unusual name – “Flying Swallow”. There is a legend that for a long time in China the beautiful empress ruled, who did not share the secret of her harmony with anyone. Even the birds admired her and nicknamed the “flying swallow”. Subsequently, healers created a recipe for tea from herbs of China and Tibet.

It is assumed that the Chinese tea "Swallow" consists exclusively of natural ingredients, and brewed, it has a pleasant smell and taste.

Chinese tea "Swallow" is sold as a dietary supplement. This means that, in fact, it is harmless, and anyone can use it.

According to the instructions, it is indicated to women:

– with bowel disease – with postpartum injuries – with osteochondrosis – with hemorrhoids and constipation – with diabetes.

However, the Swallow tea has contraindications:

– diseases of the stomach and intestines; – lactation and pregnancy.

Brewing Flying Swallow Chinese tea is very simple: just pour 1-2 cups of boiling water in 1-2 bags.

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