Green Tea Helps Lose Weight

How green tea helps to lose weight and be beautiful

In China and Japan, it is believed that women who hold a tea ceremony live to a very old age.

Green tea

In China and Japan, they are also confident that women who drink green tea all their lives do not suffer from excess weight. The action of green tea is based primarily on its healing properties. Most of all in this drink, antioxidants called catechins, it is they that accelerate the metabolism and burn excess fat. Regular consumption of green tea normalizes metabolism, and its unique ability to regulate glucose levels helps to reduce appetite. By the way, almost all dietary supplements and “miracle drinks” for weight loss contain regular green tea, the effect of which is often simply enhanced by chemical additives. However, you should not switch from a classic drink to such remedies, since the effectiveness and safety of green tea has been proven in ancient China.



Green tea 100 ml milk 100 ml hot water


1. Take one teaspoon of green tea and pour it in 100 ml of hot water (85 ° C).

2. Let the tea brew for five minutes, and then add 100 ml of milk. Green tea with milk is ready!

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