Green Tea in Milk

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About tastes, as you know, do not argue. The British obey this rule like no other, because while their almost national drink – tea with milk – causes lively discussions around the world, they drink it daily. They drink and enjoy. Where is the truth? Is milk tea useful?

The benefits of tea with milk are appreciated by the British and … catwalk models. Some have introduced the 5 O’clock ritual, which is practiced daily, while others use milk tea exclusively for utilitarian purposes – with the benefit of losing weight.

The benefits of tea with milk: it is, it cannot but be!

What are the inhabitants of Misty Albion so attracted to in this drink and what benefits of tea with milk do they know? Tea with milk is well absorbed by the body. Modern scientists often add milk to the list of the most wholesome foods. As you know, this product has a huge amount of nutritional and firming properties for the body. But sometimes milk is heavily digested by the stomach and then tea acts in this case as an assistant, helping it to assimilate.

Tea contains natural antioxidants and vitamins, in particular, groups B, C and PP. It is rich in trace elements: iodine, potassium, copper and others. At the same time, milk only enhances the effect of these microelements in tea, and also assigns other positive qualities to tea. For example, tea with milk becomes an excellent diuretic, cleanses the kidneys and removes excess water from the body. Green tea with milk speeds up the metabolism, cleanses the body of toxins and fats, which is useful for overweight people. It has been proven that milk tea improves lactation in nursing women.

Milk is known to be rich in calcium. It turns out that milk used with tea can strengthen bones, teeth and nails. The advantage of tea with milk also lies in the fact that tannins of tea help strengthen blood vessels, and antioxidants fight not only cell aging, but also prevent cancer. The benefits of tea with milk also in its positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract, it helps to cope with stress, makes the nervous system work properly. It is drunk in case of poisoning and with various infections.

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