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During one – I must say, small – research, the subjects were given tea or coffee, and it turned out that both drinks produced the same effect on the participants in the experiment, adding vigor in the morning.

Although the results of the experiments were based on subjective sensations of vigor, it was not possible to identify any obvious differences in the action of the two drinks and in more objective indicators, for example, in the speed of reaction.

In fact, if you drink tea that is brewed to the same degree of strength as coffee, then it is proved that it will be more effective in increasing brain concentration.

Scientists have come to the conclusion that the dose of caffeine in a drink is not all: perhaps our expectations also determine how vigorously we will feel, or it’s about the impression of the taste and smell of our favorite drink that awaken our senses.

Bottom line: it seems, contrary to logic, tea provides the same powerful boost of vigor in the morning as coffee. In this nomination a draw.

Sleep quality

The most striking difference between tea and coffee appears at that sweet moment when you lay your head on a pillow.

Image copyright iStock Image caption Researchers at the University of Surrey found that coffee drinkers usually find it harder to fall asleep at night.

Comparing people who drink on average the same amount of tea and coffee, researchers at the University of Surrey in the United Kingdom confirmed that both drinks are equally useful for concentrating throughout the day.

However, according to the results of their observations, it is harder for people who drink coffee to fall asleep at night – possibly because the higher caffeine content ultimately affects them.

People who prefer tea, on the contrary, had a longer and calmer sleep.

Bottom line: tea gives many of the benefits coffee offers, but without sleepless nights, the pure victory of tea.

Tooth staining

Just like red wine, coffee and tea are known for turning our pearl-white teeth into yellow and brown. But which drink makes it stronger?

Image copyright Getty Image caption Dentists say natural tea pigments are more likely to adhere to tooth enamel than coffee colorants

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