How to Add Ginger to Tea

Seven reasons to add ginger to tea or coffee

Tea with ginger – a cure for all diseases

Thanks to the fashion of Japanese cuisine, we learned about burning spices. But women especially liked ginger. In which dishes only this spice is not added – even drinks are prepared with it! And not in vain, because ginger is the cure for a thousand diseases. In ancient times, ginger root was so valued that it paid them on a par with gold.

Ginger is one of the most healthy spices. Such a combination of taste and medicinal qualities can not be found in any other spice, and even recognized medicinal plants are sometimes inferior to ginger palm.

And now they don’t forget about the properties of ginger root.

Useful properties of ginger It has bactericidal properties – as strong as garlic, but without a specific smell. It is good for digestion. It removes excess cholesterol and prevents its accumulation. It relieves cramps and pains of various origins. It treats skin ulcers and boils. It has a tonic effect. It prevents blood clots in the blood. It is excellent for women in the weight loss program as a fat-burning product and also to enhance overall health. It is very good for the heart. It reduces the level of blood sugar. Restores immunity. Relieves headaches. Relieves nausea in pregnant women without causing side effects that are harmful to the fetus. It is effective for the prevention of cancer. It is effective in cosmetology.

This is a very brief description of the beneficial properties of ginger. Today I want to talk about what he can give us women? I think that basically, all the same to us. I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong. I want to say that not many men drink tea with ginger. Basically, still we indulge in this.

The main reason why ginger fell in love with the female sex was for his help in losing weight. To use the root as a fat-burning remedy began in ancient Tibet. True, then the plant was used not to treat excess weight, but to combat stagnant phenomena in the body: deterioration of the digestive tract, slowed blood circulation, low blood pressure.

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