How to Make Tea

How to Make Ginger Slimming Tea - Purple Chang Shu Tea

Proper herbal infusion will reduce appetite, speed up metabolism, soothe nerves and help you become slimmer. Pick the ingredients and make your own slimming tea with Lifehacker.

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A competitor to bored coffee and tea bags

First, we will answer the most popular questions. No, slimming tea is not a panacea. Yes, it’s best to eat it with cakes. No, on suspicious one-page sites and through Instagram you should not buy it.

Slimming tea can be an excellent assistant to a person who has already taken up his figure. This is an addition to healthy eating and sports. It will remove edema caused by excess salt in the diet, and calm the nerves better than any chips and crackers. It will boost metabolism and saturate the body with vitamins and antioxidants.

And you can also choose such a drink especially for yourself: only what you love, from the available ingredients and at an affordable price. Any of the components of tea can be found in the nearest pharmacy or store.

The foundation

We will make the perfect slimming tea in a simple way: base + herbs supplements you need. If you like herbal infusions, a base is optional. But if desired, the taste of a sliming drink can be enriched with standard tea:

Black tea

It contains amino acids, thein and pectin, as well as vitamins A, C, P, K and group B. It will help strengthen immunity, rejuvenate body cells and improve brain function. It is only important that it is leafy, and not in bags.

Green tea

Rich in enzymes, amino acids, caffeine, vitamins and minerals. Cheers up faster than coffee, protects against colds and saturates with antioxidants.

Prefer a leafy drink without flavors and flavors. Well, forget about sugar.


Now we pass to the second step: we select working additives. Do not add everything to your drink all at once. Firstly, some herbs have contraindications. Secondly, correlate the composition of tea with your needs and change it depending on the time of day. You should not abuse soothing herbs early in the morning so as not to bite your nose at work. And flowers and roots with a laxative effect are suitable only for those who complain about the intestines.

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