If You Drink Green Tea You Can Lose Weight

Is it possible to lose weight from green tea?

2016-08-11 10:46:53 | MarfaChai helped cleanse the stomach, there was a lightness in the stomach, and even lost a couple of kilograms. 2016-05-19 09:36:04 | Irina. As for me, green tea can help you lose a couple of kilograms, but if there is a problem of weight gain, do you even drink it, the main problem is it doesn’t remove it? It’s better to help yourself with the help of special preparations, for example trimedate, it helps digestion quite well, from here you feel yourself better and the extra kilograms will quietly go away)) And still drink a glass of water 15 worlds before meals) and you will eat less)) 2016-05-16 13:17:56 | Alina, this tea didn’t help me at all, like diets, I really lost weight through proper nutrition and going to the gym. And from everything else, only my intestines became sick – then constipation, then diarrhea, terrible pain, bloating, barely recovered. Saw trimedat 3 times a day for 1 tablet – a month. He helped well, the intestines do not hurt anymore, but I don’t sit on diets either. 2016-02-24 14:20:31 | Irishato, which relieves inflammation of the bladder – very healthy, did not know before 2015-12-06 10:23:23 | yuliyapyu green tea for a year. -10kg2013-11-10 19:07:02 | KatyaPyu to lose weight, ginger drink ginger slim and for a long time. I replaced them with my everyday cup of tea. The drink also tones and invigorates in the morning. The taste, of course, is not quite, well, so to say unusual, but I drink it in order to lose weight !. Or I set myself up this way or the drink really helps, but the excess weight is slowly leaving (which I am naturally glad of) .2013-09-28 22:58:26 | Marina Personally, green tea did not help me in the fight against extra pounds. After giving birth, I tried a lot, all to no avail. Then my sister advised ginger serum, thanks to this drink I threw off 7 kilograms in 1.5 months, now the weight does not increase2013-09-28 22:56:01 | uccoshaFor weight loss, all means are good, you can do gymnastics, and arrange fasting days for yourself, of course, eat less carbohydrates and all kinds of ice cream cakes there. You can also drink turpentine if your health is iron, but it’s better to drink green tea that has been drunk for millions of years the Chinese do not get fat. The best tea without options is green tea2013-04-01 17:59:32 | Anichka was advised green tea Luda lost 7kg in 20 days I advise

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