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Maria Tsevan, 1545

Throughout its history, mankind has studied plants, their effects on the body, properties, compositions. Man is primarily the creation of nature, which means that treatment with natural remedies is sometimes more effective than taking medications. Today there are serious diseases that medicine is not able to cure to the end. For example, oncology (see photo with statistics). And for the treatment of cancer using all possible methods, including herbs.

Ivan tea is one of the most useful medicinal plants in Russia. Its beneficial properties have long been noticed and studied by our ancestors. The list of diseases that Ivan-tea helps against is huge. Its second name – fireweed, came from the name of the family, which includes the plant.

The fame of Ivan tea stepped far beyond Russia. At the time of Peter the Great, tea was exported abroad and it was one of the most popular Russian goods. Not only its beneficial properties were appreciated, but also its taste. Today, the popularity of fireweed is not so wide. But as soon as people encounter health problems, ailments, most often they will first of all learn about Ivan tea (or Kopor tea). The effectiveness of the tool is confirmed by a large number of positive reviews.

Cancer Wonder Tea

The plant contains a huge amount of vitamins, trace elements and beneficial organic substances. In the treatment of a certain disease, the positive effect of Ivan-tea spreads throughout the body. Therefore, it is recommended to use it with chemotherapy as a tonic. Herbal broth saturated with vitamins restores immunity well, helps the body fight thanks to complex proteins, lectins. They stimulate the production of interferon, which is involved in immune responses.

Antitumor agent. There are scientific studies on the antitumor properties of fireweed. They are caused by the content of the active substance chanerol in the plant. Soviet scientists developed a drug based on willow tea, which would exist as an antitumor agent. Unfortunately, the production was not completed. However, this proves that the composition of the fireweed is unique and effective in the treatment of various diseases.

It is also important to note that the substances contained in Koporye tea inhibit the development of cancer cells in tumor diseases. It is recommended to use a decoction from the plant to neutralize side effects after radiation therapy, detoxification.

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