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For a long time, the beneficial properties of tea, which is a natural storehouse of useful trace elements, vitamins and tonic substances, are no secret. Different types of tea can create mood, tone, soothe, and even heal many ailments. Now more and more people are turning to study and familiarization with the most ancient tea tradition – Chinese. The world of Chinese tea is huge, the number of species and varieties is amazing and creates room for the development of tastes, impressions and conditions.

The magnificent taste of good tea can carry the mind to the most beautiful places on the planet, remind people that it is surrounded not only by concrete and city bustle, but also by the splendor of nature and the universe. The tea ceremony itself – leisurely, in the company of friends or in splendid isolation, calm and contemplative, cheerful and hospitable – this is one of the highest meditative practices available to the modern person in everyday life.

For guests of the Lounge of the Paco bar, we offer 3 levels of tea ceremonies:

1. Getting to know tea

This type of ceremony is suitable both for those who still want to get acquainted with the diverse world of tea, and for those who have already tried some varieties and want to develop their interest. At the event, you will learn about the growing places and the peculiarities of cooking various varieties, about interesting facts about tea and tea culture, about the secrets of its brewing and its effect on the body, and you can also ask our master exactly what you would like to know about tea.

The duration of the ceremony is 1, 5-2 hours, for which you will try 4 wonderful varieties.

Four types of tea are used in the ceremony: green (Lun Jing, Bi Lo Chun, etc.), red (Yin Jun Mei, Darjeeling of the first collection, etc.), oolong tea (Da Hong Pao, Tie Guan Yin, Gaba Alishan, etc.) , puer shu (Mu Ye Chun, Gunting, etc.)

2. Immersion in a variety of tea

This type of ceremony is suitable for those who are already accustomed to the tea world and continue to discover new and beautiful things in tea. Depending on the direction of your interest, our master will select the appropriate tea card for the ceremony, which will consist of the most outstanding and noteworthy varieties in the best condition from the leading tea regions.

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