Tea Red Robe Effect

Red bathrobe tea and photo cool design after repair 12255

Da Hong Pao is one of the most famous Chinese teas. This tea belongs to the Oolong category and has a very long history, which is surrounded by many legends. Translated from Chinese, the name of this tea sounds like "Big Red Robe." This tea was first produced on Wuyi Mountain in Fujian Province in northern China. Of the four oolongs growing on Mount Vuyi, Da Hong Pao is by far the most famous. The other three are Ti Luo Han, Baizi Guang and Shui Jin Gui.

Brewed Da Hong Pao

Da Hong Pao is called so because of its interesting story. During the reign of the Ming Dynasty, one of the graduates of Fujian Yuren University, Ding Hian went to Beijing for the royal exam. As he walked through the mountains of Vouilly, he suddenly felt unbearable pain in his stomach. Suddenly he ran into a Buddhist monk from Tianxin Yongle Temple. The monk got some Da Hong Pao tea and made it. After drinking a cup of tea, the patient’s pain disappeared. After recovering, Ding Hian returned to thank the monk and took some Da Hong Pao tea with him to Beijing. When he arrived in the capital, he heard that the queen was ill and not a single royal doctor could heal her. He took a teapot, tea and went to the empress. She drank some tea and gradually got better. The emperor was very pleased and surprised at the healing properties of tea. Selecting the most beautiful red fabrics in his palace, he sent his subordinates to cover the tea trees to warm them from the cold, and also sent several of his soldiers to guard the tea bush. Since that time, this tea was supplied almost exclusively to the royal family and was banned for private use. That is why this tea was called the "Big Red Robe."

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