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Checked in the laboratory: looking for the best tea bag - Culinary

Puer is sometimes compared to expensive wines. Not because tea also hops and relaxes, is served to best friends, makes relatives and brings together. The fact is that the longer the shutter speed is, the taste will be brighter, richer and richer.

An equally important quality indicator is the region in which the leaves were collected. The best puer is grown in Tibet. There are leaves with a dense texture and an incredible aroma. How to be sure that it is Puer tea in front of you, and not a cheap fake? Just buy it from trusted suppliers – Puer-exlusive.

Buying a good puer is really difficult, because a large assortment of the drink and more than 150 types is presented, depending on the exposure and the region of origin. With this variety, there are often fakes that disappoint and force you to refuse further purchases of tea. The situation is different with Puer-exlusive. The site contains the best offers of teas that are easy to choose for yourself. In addition, Puer-exlusive customers are offered convenient and fast delivery, including to regions, a wide selection of payment methods, and a return guarantee.

Puer-exlusive cooperates with Asian suppliers, all tea supplies are direct, and the leaves are natural. In addition to guaranteeing the quality of teas, on the site you can find great promotions and special offers. Also in Puer-exlusive, a lot of information has been collected on how to brew Puer and there are dishes for brewing it. When ordering from 5000 rubles, you get a 5% discount. Do not hesitate! Visit the site now!

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