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What is Green Tea - Tea Workshop

An American schoolboy, 12-year-old Stephen Litt, found substances that fight cancer in green tea. Such a discovery was made as part of a project for a school science exhibition in Georgia.

Litt found that the antioxidants found in green tea adversely affect the cancer cells of worms. Thanks to his discovery, he received the main prize of the exhibition and attracted the attention of scientists.

Stephen became interested in this topic after two friends of the family discovered cancer

After studying the available data and ongoing research, Stephen ordered all the necessary materials for research on the Internet and built a mini-laboratory at home. He divided the experimental worms into four groups to confirm the hypothesis that polyphenol can eliminate the formation of tumors in individuals poisoned by carcinogens. In the experiment, the boy was helped by his father, a chemist by training, because the student could not work with chemicals alone.

Stephen really wanted to share his results with someone to help sick people

Leslie Litt, father

When Stephen won the science fair prize, he was noticed by scientists from Tufts University. They invited the boy to their house and showed him the laboratories in which the studies are being conducted. The seventh grader has gained unprecedented experience and dreams of becoming a scientist looking for a cure for cancer in the future.

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