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It is important to correctly understand what oolongs are. Many people mistakenly believe that oolong tea is some special kind of tea, often associating it with Milk Oolong. In fact, this is not so at all.

In this article, I will briefly talk about what oolongs are and why they are so beautiful. Go!

Attention! You need to remember this once and for a lifetime. Oolong Tea is a whole group of Chinese teas. These are dozens of varieties, dozens of aromas and amazing tastes. A huge number of Chinese teas can be called oolong. Strictly speaking, oolong tea is a way of processing tea leaves.

Let’s start with geography. Oolong in China is made in two provinces – in Guangdong province (no need to ironize over the name, this is one of the most successful and most prosperous Chinese provinces) and in Fujian province (this is exactly where I live). These provinces are adjacent to each other. The climatic conditions in them are similar. This is the southern part of China.

You may have heard the term "Guangdong Oolong." This is usually called the very famous tea Feng Huang Dan Tsong. In Russia, its long name is abbreviated to "FHDC". This is a dark oolong with a completely amazing aroma and taste. It is produced only in Guangdong and nowhere else.

In Fujian province, two types of oolong are produced: light – in the south – and dark – in the north of the province. We continue!

Now let’s understand what is light and dark. Light oolongs are often confused with green teas because they have an intense green color. The most famous bright oolong is the legendary Teguanyin. Awesome tea with a long history. Its large gulls have the so-called spherical twisting. These are sonorous, strongly crumpled green nucleoli. This tea gives an amazing floral spring aroma and has a delicate recognizable taste. Teguanyin infusion is transparent, often with a golden tint. The infusion of any light oolong will always be transparent, turning yellow. It is for the color of the leaf and the color of the infusion that light oolongs are called light.

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