What Use Green Tea for Weight Loss

Why green tea is useful for weight loss - Purple tea Chang Shu for

Running around the Internet quite often I come across an advertisement for milk oolong tea. And so often it is shown that it even became interesting, what kind of miracle is this tea? And why is it called dairy? Does he have other subspecies, such as sour milk or cheese?

In general, since my husband is a big tea lover, I went for him to look for information about this type of tea. And you know, I was very surprised, according to the description, the tea is really good, it remains only to buy and try it. All that I learned will tell you who are interested in reading.

Oolong milk tea in Chinese means black dragon. It is grown in Taiwan, high in the mountains. It is also known as "jade tea" – for its color, similar to the color of jade.

Oolong tea is known all over the world, it is especially popular in Asia, Taiwan, Japan and is one of the highest quality and unusual teas for taste. Moreover, this taste can vary from a light floral to the taste of a chestnut, hazelnut or milk-caramel with buttery tones.

It is made from whole leaves, which are pre-processed with milk enzymes, which is why this tea is also called milk oolong. And this treatment gives the drink an unusual milky touch. It is white, green and yellow. The taste of milk tea is much richer than that of green tea and more subtle than black tea.

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