Black Tea with Ginger

Flavored black tea Gingerbread - buy in Kaluga

Number of infusions 1-2 Water temperature 75 -80ะก; Ripening time for infusion 2-3 min.

250 r per 100 gr.

You can buy Black Ginger Tea immediately in a gift box:

Ceramics + 350 rub. to 100 gr.

Tin box + 150 rub. to 100 gr.

Gift tube + 80 rub. to 100 gr.

Many of us are used to following one simple rule – during the preparation of any food or drink you need to think about their benefits to the body. But if you make black ginger tea, then you can also think about its benefits to the body, because such tea is a real elixir of harmony and beauty.

Black ginger tea has a pleasant mild flavor and an unforgettable delicate aroma. Regular use of the infusion of such tea is one of the most effective and fastest ways to lose weight.

Ginger in the composition of this tea perfectly stimulates the metabolic processes in the body, improves blood circulation.

Ginger is one of the hottest foods – it has been known for many centuries. Ginger begins to dissolve adipose tissue from the very first sips of black tea with ginger. But remember that you should not drink such tea before going to bed, this can cause insomnia. The first half of the day is the best time to burn fat by drinking delicious black tea with ginger.

Brew such tea must be correct so as not to lose vitamins and other beneficial substances. Brewing water should be boiled and cooled to 80 degrees. After pouring dry tea with water, you need to wait 20-25 minutes, after which the tea should be filtered. Now black ginger tea is ready to drink.

You need to drink the infusion several times a day at regular intervals. Those who have already tried this method of losing weight, argue that tea begins to act from the very first days.

Black ginger tea is a means for guaranteed weight loss without extra effort. Combining it with Black Kudin, you can remove all excess subcutaneous fat in a matter of weeks.

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