Green Tea and Pregnancy

Green tea during pregnancy: is it possible for pregnant women to drink green tea

You can drink green tea during pregnancy, but in limited quantities. As you know, caffeine is contained in it, as well as in black tea and coffee-based drinks. This explains the recommendation for moderate consumption of green tea by any of us, not to mention expectant mothers. 200 mg of caffeine per day is more than enough for a future mother.

You need to understand that caffeine is found not only in black and green teas, in coffee, but also in chocolate, a cooling energy “pickle”, of course, in Coca-Cola. For this reason – advice: know the measure! If you don’t want to take the maximum dose, limit yourself to one or two cups of green tea drink per day, you won’t lose it! You will get a good boost of energy and saturate the body with antioxidants, and natural ones. They are rich in green tea! Antioxidants help the body maintain normal pressure and heart function. Every expectant mother understands the importance of a sufficient amount of calcium in her body, so green tea is very useful for the skeletal system and teeth, and also has a positive effect on immunity.

And yet, what do scientists think about this? Some studies have given a very unpleasant result. It turns out that tea interferes with the absorption of folic acid – the most important trace element, the lack of which is very dangerous for the unborn baby, especially in the early stages of pregnancy. The lack of folic acid in the body of a woman expecting a baby can lead to the birth of a baby with severe congenital developmental pathologies. But there are no clear medical prohibitions regarding a tea drink today, therefore, knowing the measure, you can enjoy this drink.

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