Green Tea Ice Cream

5 recipes for Japanese green tea ice cream | MIUKI MIKADO

An exquisite cold treat is a favorite among connoisseurs of desserts of Japanese cuisine. The freshening mixture melts in the tongue with a subtle, slightly spicy sweetness and gives an incomparable pleasure. In addition to the original taste, there is a lot of benefit in such a dessert. After all, green tea is a recognized source of antioxidants and vitamins important for the body. Japanese culinary specialists claim that tea ice cream also has a powerful tonic effect. In a word, it is a pleasure to taste such a treat ourselves and not be ashamed to present it to guests.

To prepare Japanese ice cream from green tea, you do not need to have special skill or special ingredients – everything is extremely simple and affordable. The only and main component that affects the taste of such ice cream is Matcha green tea. This tea is very popular along with teas such as Sencha or Gyokuro and is therefore easily available in stores and tea shops. It is important that the tea is powdered, not leafy. Since it will not need to be brewed, but will need to be placed directly in ice cream. If there is no matcha powder in the store in powder form, there is no need to be upset. You just need to put the leafy tea in the blender and grind it (if the blender is not powerful enough, you can grind the tea by grinding using a pestle).

And now a few recipes:

Recipe 1


6 eggs100 g sugar pounds 1/3 cup hard-boiled powdered green tea 1 teaspoon soy sauce 1 teaspoon lemon juice 1 cup 33% cream.


1.) Take raw eggs, cool, separate the proteins from the racks. Beat the whites with half the icing sugar until a dense foam.2.) Mix the yolks with soy sauce, tea and lemon juice. Pour the remaining powder and beat in a water bath until a strong, fluffy foam. 3.) Beat the cream until a strong foam. Mixing gently, combine all the ingredients. Put in a mold and refrigerate for freezing for 2 hours.

Recipe 2

1 tbsp. l with green tea top

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