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Herbal tea | Tea card

Herbal teas are not only healthy, but also delicious, warming in winter and quenching thirst in summer, invigorating or soothing – depending on the chosen herbs. Unlike black or green tea and, especially, coffee, herbal teas will not have a detrimental effect on the central nervous system, will not cause addiction and will not interfere with the absorption of vitamins. On the contrary, you can make vitamin herbal tea, which will help make up for the lack of vitamins.

One of the benefits of herbal teas is their huge variety. Everyone can make a drink to their taste and mood. You just need to know what properties various herbs, roots, leaves and berries have in order to get the maximum benefit, combined with the pleasure of a tasty and aromatic natural drink.

Herbal tea bags.

Shelves of shops are filled with beautiful boxes with "natural" herbal, floral and fruit teas. It is so convenient – I lowered the bag into the cup, poured boiling water – and now the herbal tea is ready. But is such a herbal tea bag so useful? I am convinced that no. and that’s why:

The composition of most of these teas includes various flavors and colors, not always natural. I wrote separately about the dangers of some flavorings. In addition, the composition of these teas may include food colors (to give a beautiful color to the drink) and preservatives (to increase the shelf life). Such teas can do harm instead of good. But natural flavors are not particularly good. After all, the addition of flavors suggests that without them, this drink would have a faint smell and taste or even be tasteless. It turns out that you will drink almost empty water brewed from herbs that may have already lost their beneficial properties. It is not harmful if the flavors are natural and harmless. But is it beneficial? Initially, beneficial herbs go a long way before being in your glass. Dried (possibly at a high temperature, which destroys most of the nutrients), shredded, mixed and spread in bags, covered long distances during transportation and spent a long time in warehouses and shelves of the store – how many vitamins and other useful ones could they keep? What is the packaging – these small square or triangular sachets that are so convenient to put in a glass and brew, holding by the rope? What they are made of, what substances were processed so that the tea lasted longer and the insects did not start, than finally glued a convenient rope to them – because all this is in our cup, it is poured with boiling water and it gets into tea. And no one is obliged to indicate the composition of the glue on the label. However, perhaps I got a little carried away – these are trifles.

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