Ivan Tea Plant

Beautiful and healthy ivan tea: alionushka1

Ivan tea came into our life recently. Entered after a serious historical break. But it was one of the main products exported once. Before the 1917 revolution, to be precise. All of Europe drank only our Koporsky tea. There were huge plantations in Koporye. There were also laboratories for “polishing” the technological process of production. Then, in Europe, it seemed like he was competed with tea plantations of India, Ceylon and others, and tea corporations squeezed out our original Russian product from the market.

Is it really? Maybe so. One thing confuses, how did the European consumer switch so quickly to other types of tea? In addition, deliveries were completely discontinued. It was not some kind of drop in sales. It was a complete collapse of the entire tea export business in Russia. Then even the tinier Ivan-tea was no longer produced and consumed in Russia itself. And it happened again after the revolution. The riddle? A riddle only if you don’t think about this riddle.

Until modern times, only a small circle of initiates knew about Ivan tea. By the beginning of the XXI century, not only the tradition of Koporye tea was almost forgotten and lost, but the production technology was almost lost. A significant blow to Koporye was inflicted by the Nazi troops in the summer of 1941, having driven their entire armada to Moscow. There, Stalin restored all stages of the production of Koporye tea. What did Stalin know about Koporsky tea that prompted him to restore the tradition of Russian tea? Of course, he knew something. He also knew about the sacred component of our tea, and apparently knew many more important things. Hitler also knew. After all, it was necessary to remove part of the army units of the Center group from an almost already victorious march to Moscow and send it to Koporye! And there, tanks roll out all the plantations and destroy all the production laboratories! What an incomprehensible anger at Russian tea? And here, without an excursion into the history of Europe, this cannot be understood.

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