Properties of Black Tea

The properties of black tea

Black tea is one of the most popular natural drinks in the world. The raw materials for its manufacture are tea bush leaves. It is grown in regions with a tropical and subtropical climate.

China is considered the birthplace of black tea, but today this plant is cultivated on plantations at the foot of the mountains in India, Africa, Georgia and even the Krasnodar Territory.

Externally, the tea bush is a dense plantation with high straight branches on which tea leaves grow. By nature, he is a long-liver. Some tea bushes survive several generations of pickers.

Tea bush can grow on dry stony soils, slightly covered with a layer of earth. It tolerates almost all weather conditions – from tropical heat to frost -20. An important condition for profitable plant cultivation is increased air humidity and abundant moisture in the earth in the form of natural rainfall.

The chemical composition of the tea leaf

Nutrition value of 100 g:

Calorie content: 151, 8 kcalProteins: 20 gr Fats: 5, 1 gr Carbohydrates: 6, 9 gr Dietary fiber: 4, 5 gr Organic acids: 1, 2 gr Water: 8, 5 gr Mono- and disaccharides: 4 gr Ash: 5, 5 gr


Calcium: 495 mg Magnesium: 440 mg Sodium: 82 mg Potassium: 2480 mg Phosphorus: 824 mg


Vitamin A: 0.05 mg Vitamin PP: 8 mg Vitamin A (RE): 50 μg Vitamin B1 (thiamine): 0.07 mg Vitamin B2 (riboflavin): 1 mg Vitamin C: 10 mg Vitamin PP (Niacin equivalent): 11, 32 mg

Trace elements:

It is worth noting that, depending on the type of tea, as well as the time of its ripening, the composition may vary. So, in summer and autumn varieties, the variety of vitamins is wider and the dosage is greater.

The benefits of black tea

The uniqueness of the drink from the leaves of black tea lies in the fact that it can simultaneously soothe, relax the human body, while simultaneously increasing tone and exerting an invigorating effect. In addition, it regulates the oxidative processes in the digestive system.

Daily use of a strong tea drink stimulates mental activity, improves brain function, and also relieves drowsiness.

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