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Science - How to Brew Puer | Polyakov Alexander Nikolaevich

For people suffering from diseases of the intestines and stomach, bile and diuretic system, colitis and gastritis, Puer tea is an excellent natural phytotherapy. This drink helps to remove toxins in various poisonings, stabilizes smooth muscle tone, and promotes intestinal motility.

When the body is weakened after a long illness, puer tea stimulates appetite well. Prolonged intake of puer tea leads to the accumulation of useful microelements and substances in the human body, and the microflora is preserved in the intestines. Puer tea thins the blood and reduces its viscosity no worse than the superfashionable “chemical” cardioaspirin, which is especially important for patients with thrombophlebitis.

To paraphrase a Winnie the Pooh song, you can put it this way: “Whoever drinks puer tea in the morning, he does wisely!” Despite the relatively low caffeine content, puer tea is an excellent tonic. During psychological disorders, depressions and stresses, puer tea is an indispensable tool. Do not swallow valerian, corvalol, nitroglycerin and antidepressants: better drink a cup of puer tea, and most importantly – smile.

First, do not use boiling water, but just starting to boil water with a temperature in the range of 95-96 ° C. The first stage of brewing lasts at least twenty seconds, and the next – thirty. Puer tea shows its useful properties if you drink it not hot, but warm. In this case, add boiled milk or cream to a small cup. You will get puer in the English manner. How is puer prepared in the Scandinavian countries. In "cold" countries they use boiled puerh.

At the same time, the beneficial properties of tea are significantly enhanced. Tea is brewed for one minute in milk. Before this, tea leaves are soaked for 10-15 minutes in clean cold dechlorinated water. Re-brewing is impractical, since the drink will not contain the necessary amount of nutrients and trace elements.

You need to limit yourself to two or three cups of boiled drink. Otherwise, “tea intoxication” may occur (as from chifir), which is unlikely to cause you to have a critical and positive worldview … Alas, the mentioned effect is one of the side effects of boiled puer tea.

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