Red Tea Properties

Useful properties of red tea | Tea card

Red tea is one of the most time-consuming in the manufacture of teas due to the technological need to carry out 45-60 percent fermentation. An almost uniform combination of fermentation and freshness creates a very pleasant flavor range and an even more amazing brewing color. It turns brown-golden-yellow tea the color of the sunset of the southern sun. Depending on the quality of raw materials, red tea can be medium leaf, large leaf, small leaf.

Different types of red tea are obtained from different breeds of tea trees: Dian Hong Jin Hao, Kimun from Yunnan, Zhen Shan Xiao Zhong, Qi Men Hong Cha – Kimong. Some of them are more elite, some less, but all red teas are distinguished by a complex bouquet of flavors, interweaving of taste accents, rich color.

Special attention is paid to red Yuan tea. Due to the unique climatic conditions and pure ecology, the rarest breeds of tea trees grow from the leaves of which yields the highest quality red tea.

Red tea, having a rich biochemical composition, is an effective dietary supplement. Cleansing blood vessels, normalizing pressure, stabilizing the nervous system, strengthening immunity, etc. will give you a daily couple of cups of red tea.

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