Types of Tea

The main types and varieties of tea. Their features and properties

Tart green, fragrant black, amazing white, elite yellow … Oddly enough, but all these, these different types of tea are made from the same tea leaf. Yes, only the buds are collected for yellow, and for turquoise (the so-called Chinese oolongs) – tea leaves with twigs, but still – the variety of varieties gives one small leaf.

It is all about processing and fermentation, the process of oxidizing the tea leaf under the influence of its own juices and warm air. The longer the fermentation process went on, the darker the variety was. There is one more point: tea, which was almost not subjected to fermentation or was short – much more astringent, astringent, with bitterness. But black teas, pu era, for example, have almost no bitterness and astringency in taste, as a result of a long exposure, sweetness appears.

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