Which Kettle is Better to Brew Tea

Which teapot is better for making tea?

The highest quality Chinese products are traditionally made from red clay, which is considered the best in the world. The beginning of the production of such teapots was laid back in the 13th century. It was in those distant times that the Chinese Ming dynasty ruled the local provinces, giving rise to the Chinese tradition of tea drinking.

The main feature of this pottery clay is the presence of a large number of useful trace elements that can beneficially affect the state of human health. Clay has a porous structure, due to which the temperature of the liquid is maintained for a rather long time. Due to this, the consistency of the drink is able to retain not only a unique taste, but also the aroma of tea for a long time. The walls in such a teapot are slightly heated, and this eliminates the risk of accidental burns.

In addition, there is no likelihood of cracking dishes due to rapid temperature changes. If you are dealing with clay teapots, it is extremely important to observe several simple rules for their operation:

• clay is a strong natural absorbent that absorbs the aroma of tea consistency at the first brewing –

• each subsequent brewing saturates the consistency with a primary aroma –

• experts from China claim that after a 5-year period, ordinary boiling water can be poured into a kettle of such clay, and then enjoy a rich and aromatic drink-

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