Chinese Tea Species

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5. Peach of immortality.

Jasmine bound tea is shaped like a Chinese lantern. When brewing in a teapot, flowers of white jasmine, pink amaranth and yellow calendula blossom, and the air is filled with an amazing delicate aroma. Tea has an amazing taste with a touch of peach.

6. Fragrant silver bar.

Initially, this green tea has the shape of a silver ball. Under the influence of boiling water, tea leaves bloom, and pink clover “blooms” above them. The drink has a delicate, pronounced, refined taste and aroma of jasmine.

7. The birth of Venus.

Tea with jasmine aroma, tied in a neat ball, will amaze you with a magnificent sight. Pour boiling water over it and observe for five minutes how a beautiful pink amaranth comes out of the white foam of jasmine flowers against the background of yellow calendula. Before brewing, it is recommended to unwind the thread until it stops, and then carefully trim.

8. Silver spiral.

The small oblong green tea briquette Wan Zi Jian Hong has a silver tint. When brewing in a teapot, a bright carnation flower blooms. The drink has a delicate, refined taste and pronounced aroma of jasmine.

9. The sacred fruit.

Original Chinese tea is heart-shaped. When brewing tea leaves open and release flowers of pink amaranth, orange lily and white jasmine, which gives the drink a unique pleasant smell. In addition, the Sacred Fruit tea is flavored with coconut milk.

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