Green Tea Benefits

Green tea benefits and harms for men - how does it affect potency?

The uniqueness of green tea

Five centuries ago, according to tradition, the first pinch of green tea was thrown into the bowl. And since then, until today, disputes about its benefits and harms have not stopped.

Without the results of basic research, we will not be too categorical in our considerations and conclusions about green tea, and we intend to rely on common sense and many years of experience. Unambiguously, we can only say that Mother Nature in the plant world has not created anything that would be harmful to humans. Even poisonous plants in microdoses can be an effective medicine. And even more so, tea.

The question is, green tea benefits and harms, which are so actively discussed among tea lovers, are somewhat incorrect. It is more correct to proceed from an assessment of the state of your body and, in accordance with this, make a decision – is it possible to drink green tea or not.

So, we recall that in the chemical composition of the tea leaf more than 300 substances are isolated, many of which have not yet been deciphered. Perhaps such a wide range of components explains its healing properties. By the way, the chemical composition of tea is far from a constant category. It varies depending on the time of year, day, age, processing methods.

It is believed that it is in green tea that vitamins, trace elements and other useful compounds are preserved to the greatest extent, due to the fact that during its production the leaf is not amenable to fermentation (oxidation).

We omit the description of chemical compounds, microelements, acids, and other components of tea – after all, our readers, for the most part, are not biochemists. We proceed immediately to the practical and important conclusion –

An infusion of quality green tea is a concentrate of valuable medicinal, flavoring and dietary substances.

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