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Can instant coffee increase pressure? And if you add a drop of cognac to it? And if you eat it with salty and fatty foods? I asked cardiologists to expose the most harmful advice about eating to raise blood pressure.

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A minute ago, everything was fine, and suddenly weakness spreads for no apparent reason, it darkens in my eyes, my legs give way. Someone comes across unpleasant symptoms just a couple of times a year. And someone suffers from low blood pressure several times a week or even daily for a month.

The reasons can be very different: genetic predisposition, long, more than four hours, a break in food and drink, premenstrual syndrome, pregnancy, severe stress, moreover caused by both problems and pleasant experiences.

It used to be that fragile women with a fine mental organization were most vulnerable in this sense. “Now we are seeing reduced pressure in people who have a passive lifestyle and have sedentary work,” says Victoria Serebryakova, senior researcher at the Department of Population Cardiology, Research Institute of Cardiology SB RAMS. “Hypotension in such cases is combined with overweight and obesity.”

Bad advice number 1. Drink coffee and tea without limits

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It depends on what coffee and what tea. The best choice is freshly brewed coffee and strong green tea. The stronger the drink, the faster it will increase the pressure. “In instant coffee and tea bags of bags, the concentration of tonic substances on the vascular wall is too low to have a tangible effect,” says Ilya Egorov, PhD, cardiologist. Black tea at low pressure is not as effective as green.

Keep in mind low blood pressure is no excuse for coffee. “Three cups a day is optimal, six is ​​too much,” warns Victoria Serebryakova. “Excess coffee drains the nervous system and damages blood vessels.”

Chicory, which is often tried to replace coffee, does not affect pressure at all, but cocoa, as scientific studies have shown, lowers it, so it is contraindicated in case of hypotension.

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