Green Tea with Milk

slimming green tea with milk

The beneficial properties of tea with milk include long-term quenching of thirst. True, in this particular case we are not talking about black, but about green tea. In Asian countries, this drink saves you from dehydration and helps save water. If you start the day in the heat with a cup of such tea, then you will not feel like drinking for a long time, and, by the way, you will get rid of profuse sweating.

The harm of milk tea

By and large, tea with milk can not do any harm. Therefore, quite calmly supplement with milk or cream any teas – black, green, white. The only thing to remember: black tea with milk is a diuretic, so you should not drink it in large quantities before traveling and at night. The rest of the "harmful" qualities of this drink can only be talked about conditionally, and often with a note: "not proven."

So, for example, in some sources, referring to German scientists, they write that casein (a protein contained in milk) destroys catechin – a substance present in tea, which is a powerful antioxidant and responsible for the tone of the cardiovascular system. However, this is a moot point.

Firstly, there is not much catechin in black tea, it is mainly present in green tea leaf. Secondly, milk reacts with only one catechin component, and there are 4 of them in tea. In addition, tea contains about 200 nutrients that do not disappear in any way when combined with milk, and yet many of them also have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system.

It should not be discounted that the experiment was conducted on only 16 “experimental” people, and the main conclusions were drawn after observing rats. Somehow frivolous for a real scientific discovery, don’t you find?

But if you have heart problems, and at the same time you take on faith any information about the dangers of products, then simply reduce the use of tea with milk and drink, for example, 3-4 cups a week. Such a dosage will definitely not give any side effects.

Actually, this is the end of the conversation about the “dangers” of tea with milk. We add only that, like any food product, this drink can cause individual intolerance. However, here it is not a matter of its composition, but of taste, that is, someone simply categorically does not like the combination of milk and tea.

To such people, we suggest trying several ways to make this drink. It is possible that you change your mind about this useful product.

Ways to make tea with milk

In a pressure cooker, the cooking time is reduced to 2-3 hours, but the taste is less intense. If you like not very greasy baked milk, then in the oven you can cook it in 2 hours.

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