Harm from Tea

How to reduce the harm from tea and coffee

The benefits of Puer tea number 1 – vigor

Vigor is better than coffee – this is the first use of puer tea (and there is practically no harm from caffeine: there is a small amount of it). When approaching energy drinks in this indicator, in terms of the ratio of harm and benefit, puer tea is certainly not comparable with them: the harm from properly brewed puer tea is minimal, and the benefits are numerous.

The benefits of Puer tea No. 2 – cleansing Puer tea removes toxins well and is therefore recommended for poisoning. Anyone, including food or unrestrained alcohol consumption the day before. Due to the pectin contained in it, puer tea gently cleanses the intestines, literally sweeping harmful substances out of the body. In addition, puerh miraculously cleanses the liver, helping it to cleanse and rejuvenate the entire body. Benefits of Puer tea No. 3 – prevention of strokes and heart attacks

Another proven benefit of puer tea is to lower blood cholesterol and sugar levels. A study by Chinese scientists showed a decrease in cholesterol from 30 to 60% in people who consumed 3 cups of puer tea daily for 2 months.

The benefits of Puer tea number 4 – oncology prevention

A study by British scientists has shown that puer tea puerh blocks the Gal3 protein involved in cancer.

The benefits of Puer tea No. 5 – digestion Puer tea accelerates and optimizes digestion, relieves constipation and other stagnant gastrointestinal tract-3 cups of Puer tea daily normalize the gallbladder for several months – only Puer tea can be drunk with peptic ulcer and gastritis: thanks to manufacturing technology, it is alkaline. However, here, when drinking Puer tea, it is nevertheless worth observing the measure and observing your condition. The benefit of Puer tea No. 6 is weight loss

Puer tea speeds up metabolism, helping to lose weight. During one of the studies, daily 3 cups of puer tea allowed to throw up to 12 kg in 3 months. Plus, another benefit of puer tea is that it does not harm the appearance of hair, nails and skin. On the contrary, it makes them healthier and more beautiful.

The harm, not the benefits of puer tea

Puer tea can cause harm only if used on an empty stomach: it activates the gastrointestinal tract so much that it can lead to heartburn and even pain on an empty stomach.

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