How to Drink Tea Properly

How to drink tea with honey? :: green tea with honey

We tell you why an unhurried tea party is good for your health, how to organize it and how to drink tea correctly.

A lot has been written about the benefits of tea, including ours: yellow tea is good for the liver, puer tea invigorates better than any energetic, and white tea, on the contrary, relaxes. But the secret of the beneficial effect of the drink is not only in a variety of vitamins, antioxidants and essential oils, but also in the method of use.

“Good, properly brewed tea requires a lot of attention and full concentration,” explains the tea master Olga River. – Even for a simplified version of the tea ceremony, you need to completely distract from all affairs and spend at least half an hour alone with yourself. If you cut this time daily and relax with a cup of tea, you can extend your life great. The main goal of oriental contemplative art, from ikebana to painting, is precisely to distract from constant stress. ”

And Andrei Ryzhakin, instructor "LIVE!" according to hatha yoga, he believes that tea drinking is akin to spiritual practices: “By practicing tea meditation, you can achieve a state of deep inner harmony. A high-quality tea has a lot of useful substances, but the main thing is a special state of grace, which we gain by brewing and consuming a drink in accordance with all the rules. ”

The original regulations for oriental tea drinking are very detailed, and you do not need to follow them at home. It is not at all necessary to put on a kimono of permitted flowers and talk on strictly defined topics over a cup of tea. Better tune in to traditional “tea emotions” (harmony, purity and peace), choose a tea to taste and have a small ceremony for yourself:

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1. Use soft unfiltered water and in no case boil it. The hottest (90-95 degrees) is needed for oolongs, puer and red tea. For yellow and white – 85 degrees, and the coolest (80) – for green.

2. Arrange all necessary accessories on a wooden board. Take tea at the rate of 10 g (teaspoon) per 200 ml of water. Pour the right amount into a small jar, bring it to your face and inhale it several times slowly.

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