Tea Ceremony in China

Chinese Tea Ceremony. The traditions of tea drinking in China. Gong fu cha

The Chinese Tea Ceremony is a kind of meditation. The tea master must maintain a high level of awareness during the tea ceremony.

Guests should also be attuned to certain tea experience experiences. If one of the guests ignores the tea ceremony, does not feel the general mood, then the magic of the tea ceremony disappears.

During the tea ceremony, they pay great attention to their inner sensations and experiences. They start by trying to feel the aroma and taste of tea as fully as possible, admiring the tea utensils.

Tea is able to evoke various associations, immerse into the past, cause dreams of the future. The more attentive and conscious the person, the more pleasant experiences he can get from the tea ceremony.

You can talk during the tea ceremony, but you must not forget about tea drinking. It is good if the conversation is quiet and does not interfere with the other participants in the tea event.

Chinese green tea is brewed several times, but breaks between brews are small, the tea should not cool. The taste of tea greatly depends on the brewing time, it is worth overexposing it and the tea becomes bitter. After each brewing tea is completely poured out of the kettle. They drink tea without sugar and do not eat during the tea ceremony, so as not to interrupt the taste of tea.

Gong fu cha

Over the course of many millennia, China has developed many ways to make tea, which were intended for various purposes.

So there was an exquisite tea party – "gong-fu cha", which means the highest skill of tea drinking.

Gong Fu Cha – this literally means the highest art of tea, it is an opportunity to enjoy the four "virtues" of tea: the color of the infusion, the shape of the leaf, the taste and aroma.

The symbolic meaning of “gong-fu cha” is the turning of the cups and the tasting of the energies of Yin and Yang.

The ritual of Gong Fu cha requires a special atmosphere and special mood.

Preparing for the tea ceremony, the tea master collects the dishes and arranges them nicely on the “shepherd” tea tray.

At the beginning of the tea ceremony get acquainted with tea. Tea leaves are poured into a box and passed around in a circle. Each participant in the tea ceremony inhales the aroma of tea, getting to know him. Three breaths are usually taken. The air is exhaled on the tea leaves so that they warm and their aroma intensifies.

Before pouring tea into the teapot, it is filled with boiling water, then another tea ware is washed with this boiling water, warming it. The kettle itself is also generously poured with boiling water, using water, which washed other dishes.

Since tea is brewed quickly in a teapot, if it is immediately poured into cups, then the first and last cup will have different tastes of tea. To avoid this, tea is first poured into a bowl of justice.

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