Tea Ceremony Video

Japanese tea ceremony video

Lisa Piterkina

writer, philologist,

student of Chinese master Tao Ji Xiaogang

Do you know that tea can help you find peace and win the heart of your beloved man? Yes Yes! You can become an unforgettable lover if you own only one ancient art – the tea ceremony.

The frantic pace of life contributes to the accumulation of fatigue. We do not have time to stop and listen to ourselves, to find balance and inner peace. The Chinese tea ceremony will help you fill up with energy. About how to achieve harmony with the help of tea, says Lisa Piterkina in a telecast for the channel TDK. You can see it here

In this video you will learn what a Taoist tea ceremony is and how it affects human relationships. Why tea is considered a real medicine and how it can be used to prolong youth and beauty. How tea balances the inner nature and why men flock to such a woman, like bees to honey.

You will see how the tea ceremony takes place, how it begins, what utensils you can use. What types of tea exist and how to choose them. How is green tea different from black? And why does the tea ceremony resemble wine drinking. How tea immerses in a different reality and what tea drinking is like psychotherapy. Food and drink are the most affordable sources of energy. With the help of food you can not only improve your health, but even solve problems in your personal life and succeed in social life!

A wise woman relies not only on the sexual satisfaction of a man, but also learns to transmit energy to her beloved through food. And also convey different emotions through taste. After all, the significance of sex decreases over time, but you always want to eat! – the highest cooking skills – will help to become the one and only beloved.

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