Tea Oregano

Useful properties of oregano and tea from it

Hello my dear readers!

I want to devote this post to all of us, women and girls!

For the most part, nature has created us more emotional, more sensitive, subtle and sensitively reacting to all changes from outside, through our body.

Small and large nervous shocks, worries, worries can become a cause for any woman to change her hormonal background, which means being accompanied by a number of various disorders in the body.

Tea with oregano – recipe for cooking

But, nature took all this into account and took care of us, sending us such a wonderful plant as oregano (oregano) -feminine grass "or" motherboard ".

This fragrant herb is able to cope with many women’s diseases, establish a hormonal background, calm the nervous system, increase blood circulation in the pelvic area and strengthen the body.

I want to share with you a recipe for wonderful women’s tea, which not only helps to solve our women’s problems, but is also an excellent antidepressant, able to cheer up and increase our female energy level, making us more attractive and, not least important, more successful!

After all, oregano is also grass that attracts money :)

Recipe for fragrant tea. Fresh clover about 5-stalks with leaves or dried for 1 s. l Thyme herb about 5 fresh twigs or 1 tsp dry grass Fennel seed 0, 5 tsp Ginger root 2 cm Lemon and honey to taste Place the ginger and thyme in a teapot and pour hot water, add the grated ginger root (three with the peel in it all the most useful) and fennel grains. Let us brew tea for 30 minutes. Ready-made female tea with oregano served with honey and lemon. Very tasty! Ginger in this tea plays the role of a tonic component, and fennel has a very beneficial effect on the hormonal background of a woman, helping to also fight with urinary problems th system. Thyme is a soothing herb with a wonderful aroma! Together, these components form a delicious and healthy female tea. It is important to remember !!!

Oregano is not recommended for use during pregnancy, and also in large quantities it reduces male strength, so men are limited in taking it. Not in vain, after all, they called it a female grass)

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