Tea Types

Tea Indian tea - types of tea where they grow and how to brew

Tea additives: for taste and health

Tea in itself is a very bright and rich drink, so tea connoisseurs use it exclusively in its pure form. But some herbs, flowers and fruits make the drink more interesting, unusual and piquant. In addition, beneficial supplements fortify tea and enhance the pleasure of drinking tea. A skilled tea master knows which petals or spices suit different types of tea. Thus a unique work of art is born …

Tender jasmine

The fragrant jasmine petals are the perfect supplement for green tea. This flower brings aristocratic notes to the tea bouquet, and its essential oils soothe the nervous system and increase mood. Jasmine strengthens the immune system, increases life expectancy and helps in the prevention of various diseases. Usually jasmine flavors green tea, calling it the elixir of youth.

Scented rose

The noble delicate aroma of the queen of flowers is often used to complement black and green tea. Most of all, the rose is combined with red teas and pueras, which acquire bright fruity notes. Even a small amount of this additive completely changes the taste of tea, giving it noble shades, depth and velvety. Rose petals are useful for the heart and blood vessels, they improve blood composition, normalize blood pressure and have a beneficial effect on the skin. Rose tea has antiviral and bactericidal properties, so it is recommended to drink it during the period of flu epidemics. A fragrant healing drink has a beneficial effect on the endocrine system, treats insomnia and depression. It is interesting that rose-flavored tea has a warming effect, which is important in the cold season.

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