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Over time, in Beijing, we had several favorite tea shops, where we went most often. Each time, returning home from China, a significant amount was occupied by tea packaging.

But from the last trip time passed, tea was drunk. Where to buy Chinese tea? In principle, this is not a problem – in Moscow there are a lot of tea shops, there are also individual suppliers who bring goods directly from tea plantations in China. But they still didn’t have any teas. And the price is sometimes very “bite”.

Then we turned our attention to Aliexpress. Everything seems to be there. Even that which you do not suspect. And, of course, I thought: why not buy tea for us on Aliexpress? They chose, ordered, and after three weeks they already received a parcel with puer in the mail. Opened a package of tea with excitement. Will it be as good as the description and reviews?

Reality exceeded all expectations. I really love the old puer (shen puer 生 普洱). This one was unusually good. Maybe, of course, not in 1959, as the manufacturer promised, but definitely old, seasoned. In addition, there was still a small bag of Iron Guanyin in the parcel – teguanyin 铁观音 gift.

Inspired, we began to order other teas. So far there has been no disappointment.

1. If you are fluent in English, then it is better to switch to it – the translation into Russian is machine and often unreadable. However, the meaning you still understand.

2. Pay attention to the seller’s reputation, read reviews about him – whether he sent the customers the same tea that they ordered, whether the package arrived quickly.

3. When choosing tea, carefully look at all the photos: what is the structure of tea, does it have a quality mark (although many beautiful teas do not have it), is there a label, a piece of paper with a description, etc.

5. Be sure to read customer reviews about this tea – how soft or tart it tastes, how many can withstand tea leaves, etc. Reviews are better to read in different languages, in English they are more informative.

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