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What is harmful tea for weight loss during pregnancy - Purple tea Chang

Tea bags – very convenient to use on the road, at work. But does a person think about what he drinks, in what quantities and about the dangers of tea bags. Of course, it is believed that fine tea dust can give a stronger drink than brewing a large leaf of tea.

But, unscrupulous manufacturers use this feature of tea leaves, adding not only tea to bags, but also oak, poplar or grass leaves, as well as expired leaf tea. Good tea can’t be cheap, so don’t get cheap tea bags.

Adding flavorings to it most often indicates that under this mask of aroma they try to hide cheap, expired tea trash. Chemical flavors are an order of magnitude cheaper than natural ones, and pieces of dried fruit (also waste, but of another production) are added only to indicate their composition and attract attention. Moreover, the addition of dyes, preservatives is harmful to the whole organism, and excessive fluorine content negatively affects the condition of the teeth and the skeletal system.

What does expired tea litter mean? Yes, any dried plant, including tea, has a shelf life of no more than 2-3 years, everything seems simple, we look at the date of packing the tea and that’s it. But the label shows the date of packing tea trash in a bag, and not the time of harvesting the "crop" from the plantation. At the same time, tea trash could be stored for years in a warehouse or in some basement.

Fluoride compounds

Regular use of tea bags is very harmful, employees of the American University of Derby have proved it. Studies have shown that cheap tea bags are harmful, they increase the level of fluoride in the body to dangerous concentrations, which is manifested by muscle weakness, osteoporosis, joint pain, the formation of bone spurs, fusion of the vertebrae, as well as an excess of fluoride increases the likelihood of kidney disease, reduces tooth strength, and even provokes cancer.

But in cheap tea bags, this dose exceeds it by 75-120%, that is, 6 mg is found in a liter of packaged tea. fluoride. Fluorine accumulations are especially high precisely in old tea leaves, which are most often used in the production of tea bags.

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