Black Tea Harm

Black tea the benefits and harms of the most popular tea

The harm of black tea

Black tea is a favorite drink of many. We know that it has useful properties and we use it daily with the confidence that we get only benefits from it, and we don’t think that it can also harm our body. Let’s try to figure out whether this drink can harm the body and who should not use it at all.

When is the harm of black tea undeniable?

It is not worth drinking for people who do not tolerate caffeine, as there is a lot of it in black tea. Therefore, after drinking a cup of tea, irritability, temper, and nervousness may appear, in some cases a headache and heart palpitations.

Black tea is not recommended during pregnancy, and children should make weak tea, but it is not advisable to completely abandon it.

Do not drink black tea with medicines, as they can interact with the tannins that are contained in tea, and thus reduce the effect of drugs or even cause harm.

Never drink black tea from yesterday’s tea leaves, it will not only not be beneficial, but can also harm the body.

Black tea has a bad effect on teeth and in particular on tooth enamel, therefore, after a cup of black tea has been drunk, dentists recommend brushing your teeth to avoid darkening of the enamel.

Despite the foregoing, do not forget about the beneficial properties of black tea. The most important thing is to know the measure in its use. If they abuse and drink more than five to six cups a day, it can harm a healthy person. If you drink it in moderation and control the strength of the tea leaves, it will be more useful than harmful.

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