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Black tea

Black and green tea is made from leaves collected from a single tea bush – just black tea is fermented longer. Leaf black tea is the highest quality, and it is produced in India: the regions in which it is grown are called Darjeeling and Assam – under these names the best black large-leaf teas are known all over the world.

The most expensive black tea is Darjeeling: when buying it, you must be careful and avoid fakes – the packaging must always indicate the time of harvest, the place where the tea is grown, the age of the tea bush. Darjeeling’s color, if brewed, will be lighter than other black tea varieties, and it is less strong, but very fragrant and fragrant, with a slight smell of flowers and almonds.

Assam is a completely different black tea. It is not as fragrant as Darjeeling, and much stronger – it has a dark, reddish or orange color, and it smells slightly of malt. Assam is rarely sold in its pure form – more often it is mixed with other types of tea. The British love Assam very much: they consider it English, and call it classical, and usually drink it in the morning or at lunch – it is Assam who is included in the famous English Breakfast blend – English Breakfast Tea.

The composition and benefits of black tea

The composition of black tea is very complex – there are about 300 different components in it, but the substances forming several groups are considered its most important parts: these are tannins, amino acids, alkaloids, pigments, essential oils and vitamins.

It would take a long time to talk about all the basic substances of tea, but it’s worthwhile to dwell on vitamins in more detail, especially since most people who use tea are unaware of its vitamin “richness”.

In black tea, there is carotene, from which vitamin A is formed in the body – everyone knows about the importance of this vitamin: when it is lacking, bones are not formed correctly, mucous membranes and skin suffer, fat metabolism and pancreas function are disturbed, and vision is impaired. Malfunctions in the endocrine system lead to skin diseases, immunity is reduced, so black tea should not be neglected – of course, it should be brewed correctly.

: This is thiamine, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, vitamin PP – nicotinic acid, which is why tea is useful for diabetes, gout, stomach ulcers, serious liver diseases, nervous system disorders, skin problems and a tendency to allergic reactions.

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