Black tea

Tea (black, green) with sugar and lemon

And the sweetness of flowers, And the taste of a wild stem! Pleasant in everything …

With these lines, I would like to indicate the general impression of this Ivan tea :) In parallel with tea drinking, I try myself in hockey, which is very funny, considering that I’m not enjoying tea at all :) Opening a 10-gram sample bag at a glance I understood why this product was “banned”. Himself, as a neophyte of the tea path, it would easily fall into the fact that this is “oolong from Wuyishan itself”, because in appearance it is quite such a “rock inhabitant” :) It’s not bad smoked / dried, twisted as it should, except that the cuttings are too much for oolong tea (IMHO again), here it’s closer to Shu. The dry aroma is again “Oolong”, I would compare it with the “aged” DHP, or with Tan Bey Shui Xiang .. a kind of cognac sweet, as many of us would say :) I placed 5 grams of Ivan tea on 110 g of Taiwan, and left the remaining 5 grams for the morning re-entry, “control drinking” :))) And here’s the button ka electric "grumbler" triumphantly clicked … somehow intuitively realized that the water should be allowed to cool. The “patient” got fresh, you shouldn’t obviously torture him with boiling water, his life was still too short, and couldn’t prepare him for such a test :) After boiling the kettle, it took about two or three minutes, it’s probably worth starting … The first strait … the chakhai became rich in flower nectar, spring … late spring looked into the house again, rustled in her ears, buried in her chest, surged in sounds, smells, glare, colors … swallowed … Here you are, honestly, yes I I lived in this Gaivanka, my opportunities would be :) I would wrap myself in the warm leaves of softened tea, falling into the sweetness of an almost tangible aroma … oh, this fantasy :))) The taste is lively, with the ubiquitous screaming sourness, so young, so naive, it draws attention to itself no matter what. The sweetness and “grassiness” slightly blurred on the throat, but distinctly “pops up” in the aftertaste, decorating the initial bouquet:) The second or third straits are about the same, we continue to savor the elusive sweetness, against the background of Ivan Chayev acidity … Starting from the fourth strait, honey still prevails, and "ascorbic" goes into the shade, until it completely dissolves in taste to the fifth portion of the boiling water that boiled up :) So, honest five grams was enough for honest five straits. Right? Well, I would :))) I’ll summarize and announce the result of my acquaintance with the “fellow countryman”: as a fan of the usefulness of consumption in tea culture, I can be biased, but I declare that drinking ICh is worth it! An excellent alternative to the "Chinese", especially at a time of lack of vitamins (preventing the impending fall / winter), the taste is peculiar, but no worse than the "originals" … in its own way distinctive, memorable, inspiring :) Having a supply of 100 grams would be very wise decision, and at least. Moreover, the sensations from him are priceless, even though they are valued at the cost of some business lunch :)

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