Cranberry Tea

Cranberry tea: recipes with ginger, sea buckthorn, honey

Cranberries are a valuable healing berry and a delicious food product, so adding it to willow tea will give you a very useful combination of natural healing ingredients for delicious and fragrant tea.

Beneficial features

Regularly drinking tea brewed from fireweed and cranberries, you will note that such a drink helps:

Improve appetite, as well as the digestive tract. Eliminate fatigue. Strengthen the production of digestive juices. Stop bleeding. Reduce inflammation. Improve the functioning of the heart muscle. Reduce intraocular pressure. Heal the infection of the excretory system. Normalize metabolic processes. Strengthen the capillaries.

In addition, drinking cranberry drinks is a prophylaxis of tumor processes and stone formation in the bladder and kidneys.


Such tea is not recommended for diseases of the digestive tract, especially for acute inflammation, as well as for high acidity. Also a contraindication to tea from cranberries and fireweed is the individual intolerance to any ingredient of this mixture.

Vitamin and micronutrient composition

A mixture of willow-tea and cranberry berries is rich in organic acids (especially citric and ursolic), pectin, vitamin C, and B vitamins. Among the macro- and microelements in the drink, these components contain a lot of potassium, manganese and iron, as well as copper, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and sodium.

Often, pine buds, raspberry and currant leaves are added to the mixture to Ivan tea and cranberries

Cooking method

Ivan tea is recommended to be collected during the flowering period, tearing its leaves in the middle of the plants. After a short withering or freezing, the leaves of the fireweed are chopped in a meat grinder or twisted by hand. Further, the leaves are fermented in an enamel container covered with a damp cloth until a fruity aroma appears. The final stage is the drying of willow-tea, which can be performed both in the oven, and in the dryer or in the open air.

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