How to Brew Tea with Ginger Properly

How to brew tea with ginger exact proportions

Tea with ginger (ginger tea) is my favorite hot drink in the cold season, along with black and green tea. Ginger tea does not contain caffeine, so you can drink it in the afternoon and in the evening without fear of sleep problems. Adherents of alternative medicine believe in the benefits of ginger tea and recommend it for weight loss, relieve symptoms of the common cold and digestive problems. While ‘official’ medicine is silent, we drink ginger tea just for fun and to keep warm in the cold. Read about making ginger tea with lemon and honey

In addition to its amazing gastronomic characteristics, ginger root (Zingiber officinale) and ginger tea made from it are believed to have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and analgesic properties. We wrote in detail in our special articles about the properties of ginger root, including contraindications, as well as about growing ginger at home.

In eastern medicine, ginger tea has long been recognized as an excellent remedy ‘for colds‘. According to my observations, ginger tea actually alleviates the symptoms of a viral cold: cough, runny nose, sore throat, and headache. Ginger contains zinc (0.34 mg per 100 g), which, according to some studies, also helps with colds and flu. How best to take advantage of these wonderful qualities of ginger? The easiest way is to brew a cup of ginger tea – delicious and fragrant, warming the body and soul. Below is my recipe for tea with ginger and how to brew it.

On the kettle (2-3 cups) take:

1 – 1, 5 cm of a thick ginger rhizome, it is not necessary to peel; 0, 5 small lemon with zest (it is better to take lemons not covered with wax), on request Unpasteurized honey (or sugar, agave syrup, sugar substitute), on request

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