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Is Puer harmful - good and bad | Is it harmful?

If in vibrations and changes you feel like a branch, inseparable

from olive, then change will have a taste of eternity.

Antoine de Saint Exupery (Citadel)

We are often asked about the effects of Chinese tea on human condition. Customers are interested in the effect of the use of puer, red coat, and guanyin. Ask about "tea from which sticks in" or "tea from which rushing." Yes, the effect of drinking Chinese tea is undoubtedly there! But it has nothing to do with alcohol or drug intoxication, or even with the effects of coffee. Tea is tea, its effect is more subtle.

In this regard, we found a wonderful article and decided to publish it, almost unchanged.

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More than once I had to answer numerous questions about the effect of tea, in part, on the psychoemotional effects of puerh. Therefore, in order to avoid the repetition of such questions, I decided to put everything on the shelves and express my point of view on this subject – briefly and easily.

Most of these issues are inspired by the widespread (especially among young people) opinion that Chinese tea has some particularly pronounced effect, similar to the state of drug intoxication. From here the most popular questions are born on our forums: "does Puer insert?", "Does Puer pin?" Even in the Yandex search engine for the query “puer” in third place the hint “puer inserts”, which indicates a huge number of such requests.

To begin with, tea is not a drug (in the generally accepted sense of the word), therefore it does not “pin”, does not “rush” and does not “insert” – you should not use such terminology. Tea, without any doubt, gives a strong tonic effect, invigorates, in some cases, on the contrary, it relaxes, and if it is of high quality, it can lead to rather unusual conditions. But this is a completely different effect, which is much more subtle, and its intensity and other factors can depend on a very large number of circumstances – it is not so clear. If we talk about certain types of tea, then many connoisseurs rightly consider oolongs and pueri to be the most striking in action . For example, the high-quality, dear Te Guan Yin (Chinese oolong from the south of Fujian province) gives a very interesting state that is difficult to confuse with something else – it’s not alcoholic or narcotic, but tea intoxication.

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