Jasmine Green Tea Benefits

Jasmine Green Tea for Potency - Does Blood Donation Affect

Cheer up with jasmine tea

The benefits of tea have been known for a long time and a lot. The leaves of this wonderful drink contain caffeine and tannin, which invigorate a person and activate metabolic processes in the body. Tea is not addictive, as it acts on the nervous system gently but effectively. Caffeine drives away sleep, reduces fatigue, and stimulates the functioning of internal organs. Moreover, recent medical research data has shown that caffeine has a beneficial effect on the calorie burning process, with moderate physical exertion, it helps to process subcutaneous fat into muscle fuel, thereby increasing their endurance. Jasmine tea can be of two types – black and green, but before talking about its healing properties, let’s take a closer look at this royal flower.

His Majesty Jasmine

Jasmine is a beautiful, unusual flower, with a sweetish, catchy smell. Brought to Europe in the Middle Ages by traveler merchants, jasmine immediately gained popularity with its unique flavor. Essential oils obtained from the flowers of this oriental shrub raise their tone, relieve muscle and nervous tension, and are effectively used to relieve stress.

In addition, jasmine is considered an excellent afrozodiac, relieves women of frigidity, and gives men strength and endurance in romantic adventures. No wonder medieval beauties decorated their hairstyles with jasmine flowers – they knew about his magical ability to attract men.

France, rightfully considered the main expert in the field of aromas, immediately gave jasmine a palm. Its smell is difficult to confuse with another; it gives any perfume composition a peculiar flair of mystery and unpredictable provocation.

Jasmine has been used for a long time as an additive to tea in the East. Connoisseurs of everything natural and aesthetically pleasing, the Chinese immediately understood the healing power of this flower and composed various tea compositions to reveal and emphasize the exquisite aroma of a small but fragrant plant. The production of jasmine tea has its own characteristics, they are strictly observed by the tea masters of China.

Technology for the production of jasmine tea

Jasmine flowers are harvested in the hottest time of the year, when the concentration of aromatic substances in them reaches the limit. This happens in the early morning, until the flowers dry out in the scorching sun and lose some of their fragrance.

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