Oolong tea how to brew

How to brew oolong

In the process of developing tea culture, there are many ways to brew tea, designed for various purposes: friendly conversation, receiving guests, official receptions and negotiations.

Particularly exquisite tea-making processes – for exceptionally important occasions – began to be called the "Tea Ceremony" in the West, since such tea parties gave rise to elevated and solemn feelings in a person.

In Chinese, such a tea party is called "Gongfu Cha" – the highest skill of tea drinking. For Gongfu Cha, only special, so-called turquoise teas are used – Oolong, and only of high quality.

The mystery of the tea ceremony

A distinctive feature is a pronounced opportunity to enjoy all four “features” of tea: aroma, infusion color, tea taste, and leaf shape.

Gongfu Cha is an extremely harmonious action, everything happens "Here and Now", unity and harmony are shown in every detail. The process of tea drinking turns into meditation, organized by the interaction of a tea leaf, properly prepared water, a living fire, a teapot from the "breathing" Yixing clay and the respectful attention of the participants, united by a joint action.

The energy of tea and the magical spirit of the tea ritual give calmness and clarity of thoughts, clarity of movements, allow you to see the unusual in everyday life and the value of every moment living in a stream of constantly changing life, open your heart for sincere communication.

Tea art sets people of art to a sublime poetic mood, to creativity, balances restless people, invigorates tired people. The perception is aggravated, the quality of attention of the participants is changing, which also changes the view of the world, helps the disclosure of human wisdom. These are the properties of tea. That is Gongfu Cha.

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