Tea Ceremony in Moscow

Order a master class tea ceremony for a child’s birthday

CHINESE TEA CEREMONY "PIN CHA" (Taste of tea). Classic Chinese tea party Ping Cha "Tea tasting. Tea is brewed with water from a thermos from 6 to 15 times by the spill method. Any tea from our collection is used (oolong tea – only up to No. 600 inclusive, not including promotional offers).

Cost: from 888 rubles for 2 persons.

BREWING TEA ON FIRE ACCORDING TO THE LOU YUJA Method An ancient tea-making ceremony on a live fire, designed for all teas, except oolongs and jasmines. The brew looks very spectacular, and the taste of tea turns out to be especially rich. Cost: from 1488 rubles per teapot (1, 0-1 , 7 l), regardless of the number of participants. GUN FU CHA CEREMONY Translated as "Higher Tea Making Excellence", this is a Taiwanese ceremony for oolong tea. Gong Fu Cha includes preparing water over a live fire, brewing in a teapot made from Yixing clay and enjoy the taste and aroma of h Ain pairs. Cost: from 888 rubles per person, depending on the type of tea. The cost of tea drinking for large companies from 7 to 15 people:

1288 rubles per person. We place a large company at two tables, the ceremony is conducted by two masters.

The price includes a tea ceremony (optional, Ping Cha, Gong Fu Cha or Lu Yu). Depending on how much time you plan to spend with us, the masters will manage to hold 2-4 ceremonies for you.


The ceremony includes trying 3-4 teas. A buffet system where guests move freely around the office or club and from time to time come up to the tea table.

For all questions related to the format of the ceremony and the cost, contact the club at 8 (800) -555-89-88 or in person at the store on Rozhdestvensky Boulevard, 19.

Contact the tea club here.

It seems that from the moment the first travelers brought stories about the spirit and life of the East to Europe, the fashion for everything oriental began. It was hardly a desire to imitate something new and unusually piquant. Enriching our outer world with the attributes of a different culture, we enrich ourselves with a different wisdom. And you will be lucky for someone who can make someone else’s wisdom his own. The most important path that everyone follows is the path to oneself. A difficult way to understand the world and its place in it. This was argued by philosophers of all time. We, who live in the 21st century, are also thinking about this.

The noise and bustle of eventful days accumulate fatigue and questions, the answers to which are sometimes difficult to find. The Chinese tea ceremony will help you to stop, listen to yourself and the world, and find the desired balance and harmony. Although connoisseurs call it art: the art of tea drinking, communication with tea and people participating in the ceremony.

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