Tea Ceremony Tray

Tea tray 30x45 cm


The latter is used more often than others due to its low cost, light weight, strength and aesthetics.

The form also matters. The predominant number of trays is square, shown in the photo. But very rare and round. They differ in angles: trays with rounded corners for women, with straight lines – for men.

Color can vary from light to dark: dark red, “tiger” with black spots, light green or brown. Often on the tray there are hieroglyphs indicating good wishes or words from the tea theme.

Tea Set Set Prop: ChaBan

ChaBan is a tea table. Usually it has holes made in the form of patterns or hieroglyphs. Below there is a pallet designed to drain water washing dishes.

The shape of the board can be round, square, rectangular, oval. And the size is usually selected depending on how many people take part in the tea party.

Complementary little things

Chinese dishes have many varieties, especially when it comes to tea. Here, in addition to the basic items for making a drink, there are many others designed to facilitate the brewing process:

teaspoon for measuring the amount of welding-tongs for serving cups with boiling water. They also decided to pick up the cups at the end of the tea party, a needle for cleaning the spout of the teapot from the infuser, a funnel mounted on the neck of the teapot. It is necessary so that the tea leaves do not fall over the edge-spoon in order to pour tea leaves into the teapot for storing ceremonial tableware-chae – a vessel created to admire the drink.

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