Tea with Ginger Benefits and Harm

Ginger tea - what is useful and how to cook

Popular recipes

Tea ceremony organizers talk about how to make ginger tea. In Asia, it is believed that a properly prepared drink contributes to the internal harmony of a person, improves complexion, helps to find excellent physical shape and extend the years of life. Therefore, ginger is brewed only in a porcelain teapot, withstanding the temperature regime of water not exceeding 45 degrees.

A common recipe for ginger tea in China is this: to peeled ginger root you need to add green tea of ​​the Long Jing variety in equal proportions, pour warm water, insist 1, 5 minutes and drink at the morning meal.

Some weight loss methods suggest drinking ginger tea during dinner or before bedtime. However, this is wrong, because ginger has invigorating, tonic properties. A person who regularly drinks this drink in the afternoon may suffer from insomnia.

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