What Harmful Green Tea

Green tea: the benefits and harms, use for weight loss

Famous cosmetologists and makeup artists recommend rinsing the face and décolleté area with fresh tea in the morning and evening. This will help increase skin tone, saturate it with beneficial substances and make it healthier. Some note an excellent effect on the skin of ice cubes made from green tea. It is advisable to wipe the skin immediately after waking up. Ice with tea not only perfectly tones the skin, but also invigorates the whole organism.

If your skin has acne or acne, green tea will be of great help in the fight against them. It will also help with tired skin, an unhealthy complexion, dryness or excessive fat.

Possible harm to green tea

About green tea can not be said that it has a large number of negative effects. There are not too many of them, and most of them arise if you drink a large amount of drink. So what is green tea harmful?

theophylline contained in leaves increases body temperature. In a healthy person, this effect is insignificant, but if a patient with a high temperature consumes the drink, it rises even higher — some components contained in tea increase the acidity of gastric juice. Therefore, a drink can cause a deterioration in the condition of patients with exacerbations of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract: stomach or duodenum-purines contained in green tea, when absorbed by the body, they form urea. This substance is not good for the body and is poorly excreted. In addition, it can cause gout – some substances can worsen the condition of patients with pancreatitis or liver diseases.

It is important! Green tea is especially harmful if it has been stored for too long. A huge amount of purines accumulate in the old tea leaves, which are not very useful for the body.

Do not drink the drink in large doses – this can cause nausea, dizziness, or headaches.

Caffeine in green tea

Scientists give a definite answer to this question: green tea does not contain pure caffeine, but its useful subspecies – thein. And if caffeine affects the body more severely, causing excitation of the nervous system, then thein gently stimulates it, without causing harm.

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